Victory is Mine!!

New years have always given me the ‘conquering the world’ vibe. They give me a clean slate to break, mend, treasure, throw away or whatever. They give me an urge to jump up and give a war cry. And this feeling is not just limited to new year’s. I have these moments at random places, at random times and due to random reasons. If I had to break it down for you then I would say that it’s just like those memes where iron man is walking away from an explosion in a totally awesome manner (well instead of iron man it’s me there). The best thing about these ‘moments’ is that nobody knows that I’m having them (and honestly if people found out about the silly things I have them over, they’d tattoo crazy on my forehead). When I have these moments, I might be looking all poised on the outside but inside my head I’m doing a whole hip-hop routine. I might be talking about demonetization but I want to jump up on the table and yell GRAKTUNG (it means victory is ours. Seriously guys google it).

You guys may have watched one of those ‘People Are Awesome’ videos on YouTube. Well after watching them I wish that I could go away to some extreme sport training centre, flipping break all records and just yell like a footballer does after scoring a goal. It gives me a euphoric feeling that is hard to contain, you can’t know the effort that it takes me to contain my Graktung cry.

You know those times when you are in a very animated discussion with your friends. You all are throwing jaw-dropping facts and stomach twisting jokes at each other and suddenly you get this feeling that this is the best moment of your life. In the end you are not able to contain yourself, because you are on happy high, you make promises to go on world tour together (in spite of knowing that it is definitely doomed). That is my Graktung moment


Doomed or not, I am almost every person’s dream…

There are endless such moments. Like when you are sitting with people who prefer eating rice, samosa or whatever with fork and knife, but you can count on your fingers the number of times you have used them in your whole life (half of the times you were eating chow mien). But you say jai mata di and use them like a pro and want to yell at them to watch and learn from you (It has definitely happened with me, in case you were wondering).

Hell Yeah!! I got it!!

It happens when I watch Dynamo, when I wake up ahead of the alarm, when for the first time I win a debate, when I speak a whole sentence in English without stuttering,  when I order an awesome meal at a new restaurant (and that too in English, if you know what I mean).

I know that all of you have such Graktung moments and hopefully they are just as crazy as mine.


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  1. Reblogged this on My View and commented:
    Happy to see my daughter Jyotsana making her place in the world of writing and bringing in the energy of youth and exuberance.


    1. Jyotshala says:

      Thanks papa… Happy to see more people reading my work


  2. Vishal Chaudhary says:

    Finding accomplishment in every task is the mark of a creative mind.
    What’s keeping you from big fantasy?


    1. Jyotshala says:

      Me?? Nothing but laziness :p What about you??


  3. Vishal Chaudhary says:

    Me: Circumstances.


    1. Vishal Chaudhary says:

      And my own order of priority..


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